General Nutrition

Capra Mineral Whey Capra Mineral Whey™
A 100% Natural, Mineral Rich, Goat-Milk Whey Powder.
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Caprotein Caprotein™
Premium Goat-Milk Protein.
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CapraMilk CapraMilk™
Powdered Goat Milk.
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Mt. Capra Raw Material
Goat Milk Based Raw Materials. Dried powders ready to use in your private label formulas: Mineral Whey, Proteins, Cream Call us for details
(800)574-1961 ext 1

Digestive Health

Caprobiotics Plus+ Caprobiotics + Plus™
An Powerful Probiotic Formula.
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CapraGreens CapraGreens™
An Alkaline Blend of Goat Milk Minerals and Green Superfoods.
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Caprobiotics Advanced Caprobiotics Advanced™
An Advanced Probiotic Formula.
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CapraZyme CapraZyme™
A 100% Vegetarian, Full-spectrum Digestive Enzyme.
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Cleansing Products

CapraCleanse CapraCleanse™
A Complete Cleansing Formula.
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CandaCleanse CandaCleanse™
A full spectrum Candida, Yeast Formula.
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CapraSite CapraSite™
An Herbal / Extract Formula.
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Immune Support

CapraFlex CapraFlex™
A Complete Bone & Joint Formula.
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CapraColostrum CapraColostrum™
A special milk low in fat and high in antibodies.
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Vital Energy Vital Energy™
A Metabolic Food to Enhance Mind & Body.
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