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6 ways to improve minor knee pain

kneeChances are, if you live long enough or live hard enough, your knees will start to hurt. This is in some cases a natural part of the aging process and in others due to stress, obesity, or injury. Whatever the cause, Diana Kohnle just published a great article over at that detailed 5 great ways to improve minor knee pain. We thought we would throw in #6 for good measure.

Here they are: (more…)


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Vitamin D: Do you have enough?

A startling trend has been observed by dietitians, nutritionists, statisticians, and doctors for the past 20 years. The trend observed has been vitamin D deficiency. The Archives of Internal Medicine reported that not only is vitamin D deficiency on the rise, it targets race and ethnicity. Vitamin D has many roles in body systems such as bone growth and development, immune, brain, and nervous system function, as well as pancreas, skin, muscle, cartilage and reproductive organ health. Recently, research has even linked Vitamin D with protection against the development of multiple sclerosis. The authors of this particular study suggest that the current recommend daily amount (RDA) of vitamin D  at 400 IU’s is much too low.  Fortunately there are measures you can take to avoid vitamin D deficiency. (more…)

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